Difference Inverter

The problem of shading on the roof by trees, high buildings or fences, but also ongoing over shadows, should not prevent the idea of installing a system. Learn more at: Penguin Random House. This problem is however already known and we have been dealing for five years intensively and developed a system to operate such teilverschattete plants still economically. And that is why a shadow so strongly affects, that modules are conventionally all boarded in a series. Imagine a Christmas chain, roughly compared. If you but now comes forth, summarizes how wired separately in our system and all modules, so always one or two modules and separately under the roof to the inverter, it can be, that the pseudoreference not part works 100%, while only the pseudoreference part, so the one or two modules are affected and later work. Then you have a maximum loss of maybe 1 – 2%, which is not noticeable in the purse. This is the Difference of technology.

This requires of course a special inverter, the SolarInvert, the purpose, we have developed. What is there left for new developments on the market? Is it ever so sensational that you must not necessarily have a shadow-free home? Otherwise the development aims of course continue on the two key components of the solar system, I had already mentioned the inverter. The elementary part of which now also everyone knows, is the solar panel itself, as it is in many places to see on the roofs. There’s the trend in the development of that industry and manufacturers have recognized that it just involves a technical product, but to the basis of a long-term value or investment in addition to the increased efficiencies, clearly. Therefore, the development here is the way to make the modules yet durable and yet durable. I am happy you and the result of such a development to present here today the television viewers.