Climate Control

For productive work and a good rest in the room are important not only quality equipment and furniture, and favorable climatic conditions. Comfortable temperature and good ventilation help create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable and, hence, their activity will be most effective. It is to solve this problem, there is a single direction – the creation of climate conditions and management practices climate. From year to year are developed and produced more new hvac equipment, which includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning. All buildings or equipment climatic space is divided into two main groups: primary and secondary. For assistance, try visiting Ebay. The first is complex units: the central and roof air conditioners, chillers (chillers), fan coil units, local supply plant. The second group includes equipment that complements the main (heaters, fans, air curtains), as well as a number of components required to connect the main system elements: air ducts, fittings, automation management, pipelines, etc.

In general, a complex climate system provides ventilation, air conditioning and heating facilities. Ventilation is designed to create air and is subdivided into supply and exhaust. Forced ventilation provides fresh air right temperature and humidity and running with air handling units and central air conditioners. Ventilation exhaust air from facilities and by setting individual exhaust fans. To achieve good ventilation is necessary to ensure its adequate intensity: the amount of incoming air must be commensurate with the amount allotted, otherwise the room will create a surplus or a scattered pressure. Indicator of the ventilation is its multiplicity, ie the ratio of applied or removed in within 1 hour of air to the internal volume of the room.

For different types of rooms, this figure has its own value, which is regulated by the Construction Norms and Regulations (SNIP): the more air pollution and higher requirements for its quality, the higher should be the multiplicity of air. Air-conditioning involves creating and maintaining a number of its parameters: the composition, temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, speed motion and pressure. For air circulation, cooling and cleaning it uses one-piece or split systems. Central air conditioners and fan coil units provide a starting mixture of air from the room and the street, its cooling and cleaning. To solve the problems of various types of air conditioning equipment can be used both separately and together. System consisting of a central air conditioner and fan coils, provide high quality air indoors, which creates a favorable atmosphere for work and leisure, as well as the functioning of equipment and devices. Heating is called an artificial space heating during the cold season to keep them desired temperature. This process is achieved by installing devices and systems. There are two main types of heating systems: water and air. First performed by the system of central heating, which includes the radiator, the second – by feeding into the room warm air. In addition, there are systems of local heating, which include oil, electric, infrared, gas and liquid-fuel heaters and electric heat gun. Local heating devices are used locally and in the overall climate system facilities are not included. Water heating is a major, and performed with using water radiators, in which hot water is supplied from the central heating system. Heating with air – and accessories, unlike water, alone is almost never used. As equipment used supply plant, equipped with air heating section. To create a comfortable climate in the room air-heating systems combined with ventilation systems and conditioning, and for hot air using the same ducts for which summer arrives cold. This combination significantly reduces the overall cost of the climate system of the building or premises.