Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (or BI) means telling the fullest possible information in every moment to make smart decisions. Check out Penguin Random House for additional information. For that, there are a number of applications for the entrepreneur take the right decision at the right time. And deconstructing the myth that the iPhone is not a phone for business – against the idea that has BlackBerry, for example-, have developed many applications in all areas, including the BI. Among the most prominent free applications will find Oracle Business Indicator: with this application you can access financial analysis, human resources, CRM and supply chain, safe and in real time. It is a free, simple and intuitive application. To make the most of the application, it is recommended that the company has with any of the products of Oracle Business Intelligence. RoamBi: it is a complete application capable of reading information from different sources.

Data can be imported from a worksheet of an Excel server of the company, to more complex data such as Salesforce or SAP BI applications. SiteCatalyst: aimed at marketing professionals, this application provides a measurement of the presence online company, the outcome and the impact of the different commercial actions by analyzing the traffic of our corporate website using several custom metrics. Business Aprovals for Managers: is a complete personal productivity Center aimed at entrepreneurs and businessmen. Lets review tasks, access reports, and make business decisions, consult, expenses, purchase requests, vacancies and job offers. ActiveStrategy Mobile: it is a mobile version of the software, which allows us to evaluate, plan and achieve best yields from business efficiency thanks to the centralised management of a comprehensive control panel. QlikView: allows us to explore and analyze the enterprise with great ease, through access to essential corporate information at a glance, thanks to simple control panels assigned to relevant areas of the business in the flat financial, marketing and sales. InerTrack: designed to meet the needs of self-employed workers and other professionals that they billed by hours of work. Thus, the application allows us to manage the time spent on projects, price per hour and the invoiced amounts.