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Agero has unique and long-standing experience with global vehicle manufacturers the company knows the needs, demands and habits of the driver. Hahn adds: “AAAA core competencies fit perfectly with our software, our cloud based mobile approach and our application expertise. Target is the seamless integration of mobile services on the head unit in the vehicle and back to the mobile phone. Flexible extensibility to new services maintain the commercial value of the head unit for years. With Agero as a strategic partner we are able to appropriate solutions, to position our products and innovations even better and faster in the US market and other international markets.” Agero, predicted that the next Generation of connected vehicle services is increasing in complexity: the functions will go far beyond the mere access to mobile apps via vehicle dashboard also. “To Frank Hanes, Director of product innovation at Agero says: the partnership with M-way solutions will put Agero in the position of effectively and quickly to implement several critical aspects of the system to meet this challenge.” As a long-time pioneer in connected vehicle Agero was Hyundai’s blue link and Nissan Infinti’s ConnectionTM recently for its latest innovations in interactive speech recognition awarded – in particular in connection with the services. About M-way Solutions GmbH M-way Solutions GmbH is a provider of mobile enterprise software and mobile solutions. About the products and solutions, corporate processes, decision makers and staff be mobilized.

M-Way solutions was founded in Stuttgart in 2004 and operates a software development center in Kosice, Slovakia. More information under: about Agero Agero Inc., parent company of Agero connected services and member of the Business Federation cross country group (CCG), is a leading American telematics and connected vehicle services provider for the automotive industry, suppliers and insurance companies. The company is market leader in mobility services and Receivables Management. Agero has its headquarters in Medford, Massachusetts, and operates numerous locations in North America and Europe..