BtL Cooperative

Energy cooperative Freudenberg fully in vogue (Beiersdorf-Freudenberg) the diesel engine has a future: in times of alternative energies and drives automotive manufacturers continue even worldwide on the development of diesel engines. According to media reports, efforts in 2011 who wish to bring technology to the point of production run parallel at Peugeot and Mercedes. A significant reduction in CO2 emissions is one of the key goals of this technology. The consequence is also the production of environment-friendly produced diesel fuel for discussion. The extraction of high-quality diesel can be done already in Germany based on a nearly CO2 neutral balance. And it gets even better: raw materials (biomass to liquid) excellent biogenic residual materials such as green waste, wood fracture or simple straw are suitable as this BtL process. We drive.”is just as challenging as appropriate motto of the team of the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC in Brandenburg, Germany. What does the cooperative on the legs, almost sounds like the well-known fairy tale: though is here No gold, but diesel fuel – certified straw EN 590 – DIN won.

Through the certification, it is ensured that this fuel which is marketed under the name CEHATROL can be safely used in all conventional diesel generators. A major difference to conventional biodiesel. For those requiring more than 300 l diesel a year, a membership in the energy cooperative Freudenberg can be interesting. According to the conditions and needs, there are four types of Association membership: farmers who deliver their straw, get free CEHATROL. Members who provide no straw, participate in the investment of their deposits and get CEHATROL to the production cost. These are currently at 0.48 EUR per litre! Two additional membership options provide investors with a profit-sharing in large and small style.

The Internet portal of the energy cooperative provides detailed information. Four plants in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are currently and Brandenburg projected. Also the filling station network will be further extended parallel. Cooperative members get even their own petrol station at the door with a CEHATROL acceptance by more than 30.000 l per year.