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Lack of initial success Maliboomer view down at night The number of people on opening day was very low compared with the forecast. Although the period with that advance the opening was prior to this, the bad reviews about “a poor selection of attractions” discouraged the public. The original plans had the entries of the visitors were to spend a full day at the park because the park only annual passes sold only to visitors who were staying at one of three hotels owned by Disney could buy ParkHoppers. Most restrictions were removed in the early months. In early 2001, Disney changed the annual program of entry in large part, this has created a drop in attention, since the entire publication Annual Passholders in getting tickets to Disney’s California Aventure charges were not made.An article in the Los Angeles Times news pertaining to the January 14, 2001 indicated that the company’s forecasts show that the average attention Disneyland (park) would fall approximately 500,000 per year and the number of visitors would decline about 13 3 million visits per year, and California Adventure visits increase by 7 million. You never have reached these figures. In 2002, Disney’s California Adventure park owned about from 4,700,000 visitors per year as reported by Amusement Business Magazine. In 2003, Disney’s California Adventure took a 13 increase in attendance and was the only amusement park in the United States have a double-digit increase, offered “Enjoy the park for a day Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure other day and FREE! ” (a promo for Disney, disclosed in their language) for 9 months in 2003, which was an important promoter and largely increase the visits.In 2004, the park posee a an increase of 6 is equivalent to 5.6 million visitors annually. The cr of the increase can be reached at Tower of Terror attractions area of terror in Hollywood Pictures Backlot. While these numbers raise the visits, the prisoners themselves from Disney, reveal that the number of visits is still well below those of its sister park. An important accioniasta Park, Robert Iger was on record at the annual meeting of shareholders of the Walt Disney Company held in October 2006 when someone asked if a third park would be built at the resort in Anaheim this stated “We are still working to make sure whether the construction of the second was useful “, referring to Disney’s California Adventure,” in the discipline of being honest, we are challenged “Great park park visits are due to annual tickets, promotions and advance purchase of tickets.A higher percentage of guests using annual passports to enter for free at Disney’s California Adventure, coming so pay at Disneyland. Many of the other views are composed of buyers ParkHoppers allowing entry to the parks, and free admissions that come as a bonus for Disney employees. The park sold very few tickets permitabn daily park admission so paid, and no promotions, ParkHoppers, etc.. Looked at from another side, that offices have only 20 of visitors entering the park is paid. (the other 80 is composed of ParkHopper tickets, multidimensional, passports annually, Comps and free visits and tours).