Alimentary Security

The message was given. It can be read in the space between lineses that when citing ' '. .que the debate politician must be become fullfilled with global objectives, having itself to improve the landmark for these interchanges of opinies' '. The Alimentary Security in world-wide terms is an instrument which a knife of double cut. The first side of this knife represents the necessity of a position ethics and human being, in the question rank regarding the definition of what it is Alimentary Security. Prudential understood the implications. As the side of this same knife is the hard reality in which the international speculators pressure the prices in accordance with the most diverse factors, they, politicians, economic are climatic and even of religious matrix. Some reasons for which France tries to impose a regulatory landmark regarding comodities alimentary: 1.Em next the 10 years, the wheat and other types of grains? barley, rye, oats, soy, maize, sorgo, rice, beans? they will have to present a rise of cost to the final consumer, in the 15% order 40%; 2.A demand for proteins of animal origin, will tend to grow with more vigor, that the related one with proteins of vegetal origin; 3.Pases in development will have to present significant changes, in its alimentary habits, what it represents greater consumption of foods and varieties of foods. Multiple choice.

4.Os biocombustveis will have to impactar of negative form, in the food production, a time that areas before agricultadas with grains, start to receive sugar cane from sugar and when these same areas will not produce grains? grassy and oleaginosas- destined to the production of biocombustveis. 5.A industrialization of the foods, that demand in considerable taxes of energy increase, also will go to contribute for the increase of the prices of foods. 6.O Brazil will have to present a growth of the productive food order, in the 40% band up to 2019, becoming one of the producing greaters of foods. Finishing. President Sarkozy, sage saw FAO and its president, if arvora as defender of the regulation of alimentary prices of comodities, for knowing that world to come back it to produce the sufficient toward the population, will have without a doubt an increase of prices. That the economic crisis, even so already has passed the phase most difficult, still presents sequels, will go to contribute so that the hunger increases and if the ALIMENTARY UNRELIABILITY makes gift. logical that if it institutes a commercial system regulated, that masked, thus I think, can guarantee that the foods if make gifts in some refugee fields, poor countries and even though in France. Or probably president Sarkozy will have to suggest that the OMC adopts a style CONAB.