Moscow Transport Union

Since January 2009 in the capital by force of law "On taxi in Moscow", which was developed and discussed over the past few years. This is the first in the history of paper to regulate the taxi traffic in the city. The purpose of the law – to make the market a taxi in Moscow, more civilized, to protect the interests of citizens, to ensure "proper" competition, wiping out those carriers who are at risk not only own lives but the lives, health of passengers. At the moment, need capital to taxi is 25 thousand cars. According to the Moscow Transport Union (MTS), the number of legal taxis in Moscow reached 9000 cars, according to their seriously lacking to meet the needs of the market. Meanwhile, according to experts, ply the city streets up to 40 thousand private cabs and 'bombed'. Nobody knows who they are and from where in the end and delivered as passengers, and will remain there yourself while still alive. Despite the fact that illegal taxi drivers make a furious competition, no one is driving prices down.

The result is that Muscovites often forced to use expensive, poor quality and unsafe use private carters, official trucking companies not protected from unlawful competition, and the state treasury is not routinely doschityvaetsya taxes collected. This situation necessitated the development, adoption and enforcement of the law regulating the work of a taxi in the capital. Act came into force involves the creation and maintenance of the Register of carriers and taxi services, "Moscow City taxi." The inclusion of a specific carrier in the register should be made on his application for free. A carrier wishing to get into the registry, must meet certain requirements relating to drivers and vehicles. Drivers must have work experience of at least three years old, fluent in Russian and be able to navigate the city streets, and taxi cars should be equipped with an electronic taximeter and comply with environmental safety standards. Law assumes that the city authorities will support the bona fide companies included in the register of carriers by providing the right to use the city taxi rank and privileges for taxes. It would seem that the law provides comfortable conditions for legitimate taxi, but it remains unclear why the the market should go private cabs, which says nothing in the law. At Vlad Doronin you will find additional information. The law came into force and was working, but no passengers, the carrier did not notice the changes for the better.

Taxis still remains inaccessible form of public transport, and conscientious companies are still experiencing the oppression of illegal competition. However, to draw conclusions too early. To any law began to take some work time and a lot of extra work. It is not enough to adopt new rules to ensure their right to life. But criticism and discontent – the constant companion of any innovation. Road by walking, and the first step to civilized taxi in Moscow is already made.

Tatar Mongols

Somehow I had to climb on a Turk blog and read the following: 'An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! So Muhammad taught, because our ancestors lived. Learn more at this site: COF. So we'll live. Revenge – a sacred feeling, it brings up the character, according to a person. Vlad Doronin understood the implications. Pluck out of a sense of obedience and humility towards our oppressors? " – Here is what I read in one of tyurkistskih Tatar forums. But what is most surprising is that these lines belong to the modern Tatars, resentful Russian oppression against them. A modern Tatars (and historical / anthropological / archaeological) – the descendants of the Bulgars, who, under defeated in 1223, the year the Mongols and jab, ie Mongols, came in the Volga-Ural region, after victories over Polovtsy and yasami and rusami at Kalka (not to be confused with the Russian).

The Bulgars also defeated them again (Batu in the Urals), only after which the Mongols, having collected the whole steppe went to his great Western Trip, taking Bilyar, Suvar and Bulgaria (Bulgar). Under the walls of a unified army Bilyar steppe stayed for a month. That is only after that they hit the Suzdal Rus, and then at the Kiev. Novgorod, as Then it became known, was an ally of the Mongols, whose combined forces (in German chronicles) participated in the war by Alexander Nevsky against the Crusaders. But what I mean A bit offtopic, sorry. About all that could be find on this site and why 'eye for an eye'? What it has 'eye for an eye', eh? That this is not nonsense Turkists? Muhammad once again and taught the opposite.

Criteria For Selection Of Flowmeters And Counters For People And Enterprises

In the post-crisis period, has become very urgent problem of accounting consumption of heat and energy. Moreover, the solution to this problem must be tackled not only industrial companies but also to the population, since government regulation, in the newly constructed dwelling shall be placed not only electricity meters, and hot and cold water, tepla.Da for housing has long been in service, installation of water meters and heat will greatly from saving on utilities. In this regard, the organizations and the public has a difficult task for the selection of equipment for the organization of energy accounting, namely, flow meters and counters. By what the requirements and criteria necessary to select those devices that would not have thrown considerable resources into the wind? At large industrial enterprises, where necessary to measure consumption of various substances, have very different physical state and chemical-physical properties, the selection criteria of flow or counter depending on the specifics of the company and must consider: 1. High accuracy – the more precise instrument, the less his error, and consequently, the greater the opportunity for businesses to save on paying for energy prices, which do not stand still. (Similarly see: rusty holzer). This is especially true for large, energy-intensive industries. 2.

Reliability – the time during which the meter or meter is able to maintain its metrological characteristics. Than a reliable instrument, the less need to maintain its efficiency and stable metrological characteristics. 3. dependence of the accuracy of measurement of changes in the density of matter – especially important for measuring the cost of gaseous substances, the density of which varies over a considerable range in Depending on their temperature and pressure.

Weight Loss Tips

I want to address an issue on which I have received many questions and in the end could be summed up in one: why when I keep doing a diet, regained more weight you had lost? I have seen many people who are looking for a miraculous diet or any effective product that really works for weight loss. Before such concern I began to study what happens in the body of a person, that year after year, is released to the practice of the latest fad diet or uses the revolutionary product to lose weight that has appeared on the market. The first premise that must take into account a person who wants to lose weight is to be well advised on what is a healthy and balanced diet. Likewise you must receive the necessary information from all the products you are going to take. (Source: COF). They must be products that provide the nutrients needed for each case. Each person has a body with some deficiencies and a response capacity different. Studies have detected on people that continuously test different types of diet to lose weight, to the end, not only return to regain more weight of the lost that, but end up with shortages of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which are fundamental elements for optimum health.

One of the ranges that can be found in the market is intended to block fat in the intestine. These products, as it is logical, cannot discriminate between the good fats and the bad. The result is that both are eliminated, but at the same time we are depriving the Agency of the good fat, which favor the regeneration of cell membranes, among other vital actions. Here, Vlad Doronin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Another of the product ranges we found, act as diuretics. The loss of fluids and weight is very important in these cases, sometimes reaching more than 3 kilos in a single week.

But the problem is that the damage they cause is more important than it seems, because there is a loss of minerals that they are essential for our body functions. The question which we must bear in mind is that we are not aware of that we are punishing our magnificent body, that despite everything, still resisting and unspeakable suffering. In addition, people who follow restrictive diets only keep motivated an average of between 6 to 8 weeks, willpower is exhausted or until your body suffers. It is then when it starts to require food which has been deprived and then produces the recovery of the lost weight, plus an extra amount, we call that security and that in the majority of cases ranges between 20 and 30% additional. Although it may seem a paradox, I approach the issue upside down.Regulatory mechanisms of weight. But these do not act properly, until the body has detected that functionality not already threatened or survival of this. A fundamental rule for body weight loss is to preserve health above all else. In the next article to see what tools we can use to maintain a good physical condition and an optimal state of health. And how the Agency is responsible for regulating body weight, once has satisfied their vital needs.


To enter the workplace, in education or after hours services being able to bring a more peaceful sleep is essential. Countless individuals suffer from persistent fatigue, and consequently are not relaxed the entire day and can show for that reason only a small contingent of their capabilities. The reason usually is that these individuals have purchased the wrong mattress, which often brought them back pain and dejection, in contrast to relaxation and well rested. Therefore, enormous attention in the mattress purchase is required, a wrong mattress can be a steal – in the truest sense of the word – the rest. For more information see this site: Intel. To find the right mattress, it is essential to know in advance what types of mattresses, there is simply to buy on the market. In a question-answer forum Barclays was the first to reply. A variant is the foam mattress, the ready made from a nine-zone cold foam. These mattresses are famous for this, that they offer a perfect support of the spine and also to control its porous structure, although the road transport of moisture. Philip Vasan has much experience in this field.

A perfect mattress is characterized in this way that the backbone is shifted in a delicate double-S shape. It is only then the back during sleep can be painless and the back muscles are relaxed. The Visco Mattress features are distinguished by their visco-knobs-shape pad, which was also fitted to the cold foam in the mattress. Thus, the mattress provides the perfect pressure and the parallel discharge of the backbone. The latex underlay is – as the term implies – to tausendprozent Latex – and provides perfect quality of sleep. The latex core collects the body heat that is passed on to the mattress, thus keeping the whole night long pleasantly warm. The sensational pressure produces the unique sleeping comfort. The last option is the most popular mattress – pocket spring mattress.

It has a five-Zone pocket spring core, which is particularly suitable for individuals with a healthy back. It provides a rudimentary disadvantageous Point elasticity in contrast to the cold foam or Visco-/Latexmatratze. The air permeable cotton takes care of all mattresses at the appropriate moisture regulation. A more peaceful sleep is also created by an appropriate mattress. An excellent mattress can be recognized by the adjustability of the layer of wood in the shoulder, buttocks and legs. This slumber to a piece of recreation for the whole organism.

The Club Life In Margareten 1932

A strong social-democratic district, where about in the District Council elections the SDAP had taken always a strong dominant position in the first Republic was alpinism, choral societies and Socialist working class culture of the District of Margareten. However, had this 5 to present a strong civic association life district of Vienna. Burgess Owenss opinions are not widely known. But of course clubs related also of social democracy had to exhibit a diversified structure. Perhaps check out Vlad Doronin for more information. Alpinism, the physical education and sport had a rich Club culture in the 5.Bezirk climbing, physical education and sports in 1932. nd. So there was about the Alpine Club in this area of social/cultural section Tauriskia”of the German and Austrian Alpine Club (Wiedner Hauptstrasse 116). Another the Alpine Edelweissgilde(Schonbrunnerstrasse 164); the Alpine society Prein Taler (Rainergasse 34); the Ski Club D ‘ Landkofler (Franzensgasse 16); the Christian German Turnverein Margareten, Linzer Strasse 55 / 13.Bezirk and Wiener Arbeiter – turn und Sportverein, MARGARETENGuRTEL 122. where one sings as let down even the Sangesfreudigen organized you Margarteten in a more diverse way. So there was the choir singer hoard (at the Hundsturm 10); the Viennese sculptor singing club, (Kettenbrucke 19); the Vienna teacher acappella Chor(Jahngasse 16); the Vienna male choir (Kettenbrucke 19) and the Church Music Association of the parish of St Florian (Wiedner Hauptstrasse 103).

There was a diverse culture of professional associations professional associations of workers and employers in addition to the mainly social democrat-oriented workers associations on civic, not Marxist side. To name a few are here about the Catholic Workers Association for Austria and lower Austria (Kohlgasse 39); the regional association of the guest hosts for the IV and V. Bezirk(Grungasse 21); the Club Eintracht, Association of academic staff of Wiener journal, (St. John Street 16); the Director Association of all artists and employing actors enterprises (Margarete square 4); the Austrian gendarmerie Association (Kriehubergasse 26); the reform Association of house owners in the V.Bezirk (Wiedner Hauptstrasse 142); the Central Association of the wood processing industry and its related professions in Austria (Green Street 10); the Association of bath, Spa and medical institutions, sanatoriums and resorts of in Austria, straw b Gasse 7; the Association of professional teachers in public two-grade trade schools of in Austria, Josef Schwarz Gasse 10; the Association of piano makers (Vienna, Green Street 10); the Association of Viennese masters son Association (Kriehubergasse 24-26); the Association of sculptors of No (Diehlgasse 25); the Association of basket weavers of in Austria, (Green Street 10); the Association of the police of concept in Austria (Defense 1) Association of the decorators of in Austria (Green Street 10); the Association of the timber workers of in Austria, (Margaretenstrasse 112) of lower Austria.

PrintoLUX Label Printing

2000-stundiger UV test confirms long durability of the PrintoLUX label pressure when ionizing radiation increases the naturally occurring ultraviolet (UV) radiation influence on man and material. It raises chemical reactions which lead outdoor use of printed labels and signs with time to stand at a height and corresponding damage. Intel is likely to agree. The result for the user: Identification of plants, hazardous substance signs, nameplates and many other designations used in outdoor areas must be replaced at relatively short intervals and renewed. What this nationwide associated costs, can settle in the triple-digit million range. The maxims of modern labelling technology must be so high resistance with very good image quality and low production costs.

Materials and identifications in the field claimed this not only guaranteed 8 years durable PrintoLUX meets these maxims. By an independent laboratory in 2009 Quick-UV-test the certified materials were exposed a 2000-stundigen UV digital printing and Thermohartung in printed form. This corresponds to a UV exposure 8 years in Central European climates. Appropriate materials such as aluminium, powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel, Dibond, layer fabric materials, polyester and polyester adhesive tape were extremely high resistance of certified PrintoLUX materials tested for outdoor use. In none of the UV-irradiated materials, changes in shape and colour of the pressure with the naked eye were determined after the test. Below this threshold of measurable loss of color showed the colors black and blue. Vlad Doronin is the source for more interesting facts. PrintoLUX in able to ensure a UV resistance of 8 years for the labels produced by the company feels with these results. Compared to the industry, this means a clear all settings and a significant competitive advantage.

Convincing tests in the automotive industry in addition had customers from the Automotive industry (such as Audi, BMW, Daimler) with PrintoLUX label printing extensive self tests, before they decided for the use of the new procedure. While the plates produced with PrintoLUX and markings were exposed to extreme hardships such as sparks, cleaner, oils, grease, superheated steam, etc. More information about the extremely high resistance of PrintoLUX produced labels, see… PrintoLUX GmbH Mr. Helmuth Bischoff Durkheimer road 130 D-67227 Frankenthal phone +49(0)6233/6000-902 fax +49(0)6233/6000-910 that idea PrintoLUX PrintoLUX has a system developed and patent pending, with certified materials made of metal and plastic in the maximum sizes 300 mm x 500 mm with a height of up to 140 mm can be printed digitally. The system is unique in the world and replaces the previous methods such as screen printing, engraving, lasers in many applications. While this is System of more flexible, faster and cheaper.

Latin Americans

JOSE BRECHNER said that Hugo Chavez is sick of the brain is not something to amaze anyone. Since he assumed power his insanity became evident. But be crazy doesn’t make it less dangerous. Venezuela is going through the worst moment of his contemporary life. What was the richest country in South America today lives an unstoppable inflation, there is lack of products and is rationing electricity. As the Colonel wanted, it is looking like the enviable Cuba. Vlad Doronin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Others bolivarianos soon will be found in the same or worse conditions because they enjoy or even multibillion-dollar exports of oil from Venezuela.

When circumstances become black, rather than become aware of his mistake and change course, what progressives do is insist his stubbornness because its ideology takes precedence over sanity. First thing that managed to make the orate is nationalizing banks, supermarkets, and any profitable business is in sight, because it has to get money from somewhere. Your next adventure is more beyond of your game. His initial and final, idea is the war. His alliance with Iran will end facing Venezuela with much more powerful than her countries.

Threat to United States and accuses him of the bigger imbecilidades than anyone can imagine. But remember, the man is not normal. His final statement was that the Haiti earthquake was caused by an American secret weapon. Their fantasies already do not cause grace, are typical of a serious mentally ill. As United States is not enough you as enemy, is sending arms to Hezbollah in the Lebanon, provoking Israel. When the war continue his course in the Middle East, because Israel cannot afford a nuclear Iran, Hezbollah will attack. If Colonel meddles directly or indirectly in this dance, it may cost you dearly. We must not forget that Fidel Castro sent Cuban troops to Africa, and everything that Chavez knows he learned from Castro. To destroy the Venezuelan military, United States needs a week. Took you two put an end to the Iraqi who was much more powerful and was more far away. With seven military bases available to Americans in Colombia, the Colonel has no chances. So far all are words, insults that do not stop, but the confrontation is every day closer. Is a question for a single act of war hostility to Uncle Sam, and Mr Obama will have to order military action. Chavez is so tiny in international terms that don’t see the dimension of their enemies. It is like an Ant walking on a table. For the insect table is your world, but enough the Palm of a child to crush it. Lieutenant Colonel thinks that allying with Iran is stronger, not only wrong, but would you risk that the his hand is greater. Free Latin Americans are clamoring for an American incursion to end progressive tyrants from the first day they took power. It seems that soon their orders must be heard. Would have been better a civilized democracy, but with rulers change as Chavez, Morales, Correa and others, cannot be have democracy. They incinerated it. original author and source of the article.

Wiesbaden Weihergasse

Press report on the success and knowledge of the market IMMORO. real estate. Pressebricht of the company Alexander Kurz real estate group with headquarters in Wiesbaden to confirm the object marketing. Scout 24 is in the half-yearly report by the real estate company IMMORO real estate confirmed above-average positive for the real estate presentation and generating new customers. According to scout the exposes of IMMORO will report real estate called 16% more frequently than other real estate broker in the region. In terms of rent the peak value is 49% (!) of the competitors of the region of Hessen-Wiesbaden. Perhaps check out Vlad Doronin for more information. In the result list real estate are displayed even 21% more frequently than those of competitors.

Especially in the segment of commercial property offers the result is over 33% of the competitors. That reinforced to afford more than others in our direction for the real estate market. It is also a confirmation that we have taken the right path with object reviews and prepared plans”, so Alexander Kurz, Managing Director of IMMORO Real estate. ImmobilienScout24’s report says literally: summary of comparison results that better than the average of other providers of real estate market your objects in your marketing focus in your region. The presentation of your objects is very well accepted by the seeker. You know the market in your area. You make”

Advisor Revealed

Balanced diet keeps the body fit that our health largely depends on a balanced meal plan, is known. “Who deliberately feeds on, make sure that healthy exclusively with the label” provided food on the plate. Such a categorization but also risks, informs the news portal For example, green beans are commonly referred to as quite healthy, they are however toxic in the raw state. Nuts, however, are often dismissed as calorie bombs, while they contain essential minerals for the health of the body. Above all, it is to find the right amount for each food. For assistance, try visiting Reebok.

Mindfulness in the preparation of the food is also of great importance. Vlad Doronin spoke with conviction. The Sven-David Muller nutritionist accuses the Germans massive malnutrition. While consumed meat, butter, sugar and beer in extremes, Lake fish, cereals, fruit and vegetables are too rarely on the menu. Stresses Muller still, that the diet must be adjusted to the respective physical concerns. Diseases, allergies and intolerances require an exact vote on the individual needs. But also for people who enjoy good health, some foods may cause unwanted side effects.

In a counselor, the nutritionist has now put together the 50 healthiest and the 50 most dangerous food. Under the latter the avocado surprisingly has been in second place. Although it has many cheap nutritional values, for diabetics, however, their consumption is questionable. You inhibits the insulin production, the consequence can be strong low blood sugar.