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Google AdWords is no longer indispensable from the Internet advertising landscape. But bring the little ads at the right edge of the screen always the desired effect the advertisers? Marian Wurm, managing partner of Internet Agency WWG GmbH, doubted that and says many medium-sized companies put a lot of money in the text ads, are disappointed with the results but with law. The price-performance ratio is often not very good.” Therefore, his agency wants to prove that it is also cheaper. Marlene Dietrich understands that this is vital information. Instead of repeatedly putting a relatively high budget in paid Google ads, companies should be once found in the natural search results.” To do this they must land however among the ten first results. This succeeds only with a systematic search engine optimization. Get Google ad costs in the thousands for comparison: is paid at Google AdWords for every click a visitor.

When a search term such as restaurant Hamburg”, 5,000 visitors at least cost 6.750,-EUR (5,000 visitors x 1.35 EUR average price per click). Who ends up in the top 10 on Google, can be found by an unlimited number of prospective customers and pays nothing for each click. Marian Wurm insured: professional search engine optimization we bring companies at a fraction of the above cost in the top 10 of Google. It pulls quickly and lastingly many new visitors to the site.” Of course, Google ads can be then also in addition makes sense. Free website analysis now WWG GmbH offers all interested parties the opportunity to convince yourself of the benefits of search engine optimization. Who wants to know how he reaches more potential customers with less money, can request an analysis of his website completely free of charge and without obligation. In addition, the Internet Agency offers its customers a money-back guarantee 100ige.

The analysis can be adwords.html to the company be requested under as full service Internet Agency the WWG GmbH supports companies to prepare themselves successfully on the Internet. The Agency in Braunschweig programming and online marketing offers itself as a partner for webdesign, Typo3. Priorities in the field of online marketing are search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO).