Word HAMBURG Presents 6 Artists From Hamburg At The Come Together On The 30th Jan 09

There are the fire brothers: \”Carsten Pape, Armin salmon Bush and Viktor Hacker\” and Susanne Hahn, Stefan Kiraly and Naomi Imai Word-Hamburg presented with Carsten Pape (known for Lotto & Pape), actor Viktor Hacker and Armin salmon Bush fire brothers. It gives a taste of the literary works of art, giving the three experienced artists from February 2009 to the best already on Friday 30 January 2009 Musically, the whole is accompanied by the cellist and composer Susanne Hahn, the guitarist Stefan Kiraly and pianist Naomi Imai. Carsten Pape can already look back on a long career in the music. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sarah Raskin.

\”in 1987, he had his biggest hit: I love you\” with the band clowns and heroes. He wrote lyrics for Maffay, Nena, floral u.v.m. Through the performances with his friend and colleague Lotto King Karl has he become a cult star of the North with the HSV club anthem \”Hamburg, my Pearl\”. As an avid He will inspire musicians this evening with his hits. Viktor Hacker is a spokesperson for synchronous, radio plays and audio books. Moreover, he writes strange and sometimes nasty stories, he immediately awakened on the cabaret with his versatile voice, much to the pleasure of the audience to life. Of Schmidt’s Theatre from the small poetry bar over the boards is he up towards to the Hamburger Kammerspiele – everywhere there at home, where there is a stage, is opening curtain and audience joyful expectation of. Songwriter, voice actor, and comedian – here everything in one person flows together. \”Armin salmon Bush is perhaps the perfect synonym for the word multi-tasker\”, even if he himself says: I can only words deal with, nothing more. \” His lyrics go move under the skin, and make the audience laugh, his photos are equally touching and stunning and innovative and unusual.