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The Advisor community motorradfrage.net explains, what will paid at the start in the season should be and what you all can do with ultrasound CD cleaners and anti slip spray. Munich, April 07, 2009: Harley Davidson, Honda, Vespa or electric scooter: the streets are free of ice, the sun comes out and the bikes can finally be freed from the garages. Dust and dirt is now on the collar. For the sweetheart soon shine in new splendour, ten of the best tips for a perfect start to follow here in the season: Tip 1: carburetor, housing, needles, etc. with CD ultrasonic cleaning: it is not yet clean also with manual cleaning. Tip 2: brake fluid exchange: exchanged annually, provides for safer braking new brake fluid.

Tip 3: annual oil change: new oil leaves the engine purr again and smooth running. Tip 4: regularly clean the chain and grease: this simple measure increases the service life of the chain in the blink of an eye. Tip 5: Maintenance of hoses and rubber: rubber and plastic care products make hoses and rubber back elastic and durable. Tip 6: cleaning protective paste for hands: special pastes avoid too strong soiling the finger screw. Tip 7: anti slip spray for the seat: safe stop for rider and pillion passenger.

Tip 8: cleaning the air filter: A commercial vacuum cleaner is already sufficient to get the air filter clean. Tip 9: visor and windscreen Polish: polishes provide a perfect perspective and let roll off raindrops. Tip 10: silicone spray for the total renewal: This spray is the motorcycle glory shine and makes life hard for new dirt attacks. A good start to the 2009 season! about gutefrage.net GmbH: gutefrage.net is one of the largest Advisor portals in Germany. According to AGOF gutefrage.net, 2008 IV listed 3.21 million unique users. The Web 2.0 platform it aims, practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users to convey. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks. They are based on personal experience, provide ideas and impulses. Contact person for more information: Agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg phone: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail: Web: