Vysokochastotniki And Long Tail

If your site can distinguish two strategies – optimizing for a small number keywords or a large number of not very popular. In practice we usually combine the two. Lack of high-demand – generally high level of competition for them. For a young site is not always possible to climb to the top of these requests. For the same low-frequency queries, it is often sufficient to mention the right phrases in the page, or a minimum of text optimization.

Under certain conditions, low-frequency queries can produce very good search engine traffic. The aim of most commercial Web sites – to sell a particular product or service or in some other way to make money on their visitors. This should be considered when the search engine optimization and keyword selection. We must strive to get targeted visitors to the site (that is, ready to buy offered goods or services), rather than simply to a large number of visitors. Example. Request the “monitor” is far more popular and at times more competitors than the query “Monitor samsung 710N (exact model). However, for the seller Monitor second visitor much more valuable, and get it a lot easier, since the level of competition on the second request is small. This is another possible difference between high and low frequency queries which should be taken into account.