Viral Internet Advertising

Typically, viral advertising is a funny, funny or shocking video, flash animation, game, photo, or series of images in various formats (eg PowerPoint), where the object is embodied in any way link the advertised site. Users that have viewed this film, photograph or cartoon, illuminates a sincere desire to share the "joke" with her friends, buddies, just with any other users on the site, Forum, chat, ICQ, and even just in oral transmission. Those, in turn – with their friends and other people – and so can continue indefinitely, as long as videos are not really geniuses are known in general region and even globally. See more detailed opinions by reading what MetLife offers on the topic.. A majority of viewers viral video or cartoon will be out of curiosity on the link, which he saw there. One of the most known viral ideas occurred to the creators of the site – they offered to visitors to go to a page where a virtual bar serving their tempting barissy.

Below the video in line to enter a user can enter any keyboard with his request and girls perform it! You began to wonder, is it? You'll immediately after reading the article and go take a look, right? And then what do? Let me try to guess – will send a link to your friends with the caption – "Look, how funny I found! "Yes, and you become an unwitting victim of viral marketing. Prudential often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Well, the developers of this right. A month after the launch of the site traffic to the site got over a few million! But high attendance site – a profit by placing ads on it or sell products directly from the site. .