United States

It is not treated to restrict the people and yes to stimulate them so that one day they reach such rights. This is not nothing seemed with the Old Regimen, defends liberalism. Derek Gillman wanted to know more. In that society, the rights if give for the birth, this is unsurmountable. An education or income limit is something temporary, depends only on the effort and the talent so that it is reached. A true democrat, different of the liberal one, defends the universal suffrage. He does not have barriers so that all have the right to choose its representatives. After all of accounts, the power of the state emanates of the people and not of only one part of it.

Clearly that not yet we are speaking of the feminine vote. Not yet they would have the capacity to exert the difficult task of the vote. The conquest of the vote for the women sends in them to century XX. How much the equality idea, the speech of liberalism if confuses with the one of the Iluministas. It is understood equality in the legal scope, according to maximum of that all are equal before the law. This does not hinder the fact of that in the life social inaqualities exist. Defenders of the individualism, them enxergam the failure as fruit of the choices of the man, since the system legal it grants to the same rights and duties for all. By the same author: Peter Arnell. Eager inevitably it is constituted of capable people of what the others.

Rich and poor they are reflected of this affirmation. It does not have nothing that the state can make to decide the social problems. The State only must guarantee that all can ascend socially. It never must intervene with this process. The democracy, when it speaks in equality, goes beyond the legal guarantees. For them, this is not enough so that let us have a igualitria society, joust. the State must think about the social equality, a time that governs for all. The individuality notion, although guaranteed in the democratic ideal, it does not have to prevail ahead of the collective interest. To finish, she is necessary to over all emphasize that this analysis took in account only the European society, occidental person. It has variations of the reach of liberalism and the democracy in the remain of the world. In the United States, for example, already a placed liberal ideal in practical existed at the time of independence, in the second half of century XVII, task facilitated for the absence of one old regimen in the European molds. Good part of the Europe alone will see the reach of liberalism in middle of the first half of century XIX. In the same way, the North American democracy (excluding the slaves and the women) already became gift in the first half of century XIX (in the decade of 1820 already elections with the universal suffrage had occurred). in the Europe, fellow creature process alone if gave the same in the second half of century. Its application in the remain of the world will be given with sufficient delay, with the warning of that they exist society today that never they capsize or had practised these ideals.