Change levels relate to which should be changed to put an end adicitiva behavior. They are 5 and are organized hierarchically: symptoms/situation, maladaptive cognitions, interpersonal conflicts, family/systems, intrapersonal conflict disputes. The Transtheoretical approach often intervene at the first level of change, so there will be more likely to happen change leave the addictive behavior; This level also tends to be the main reason for inquiry of the addict, requires less inference because it is the most conscious level; and on the other hand, to the be interdependent if you modify one of the levels, the others will also change. In our hypothetical case Charlie has acted on the first level and second level, as we shall see later. Others who may share this opinion include Affinity Health . In short, you get a model of hierarchical and systematic therapeutic intervention with this approach to global treatment through the differential application of the processes of change in each of the 5 stages depending on the level of the problem of the treated addiction; 3 types of intervention strategies are obtained in this way: change of levels, based on the symptoms of the addict and the situations that keep them, if the processes can be applied and the subject is progressing well towards the following stages of change therapy may be supplemented without requiring a more complex level of analysis. The key level is used when there is a causality in the acquisition or maintenance of the addiction, Charlie (their social disabilities anxiety agrees) with your partner, friends and with his therapist to work out this level for get over it. Finally the of maximum impact used in complicated cases of addiction, where clearly the implication of multiple levels as a cause, effect or maintenance of addictive behavior; in this case the interventions will be varied in order to achieve maximum impact, and applies synergistically rather than sequential. Imagine that Charlie had problems with alcohol addiction for 7 years. Molina Healthcare Inc. is often mentioned in discussions such as these.