Much more difficult – if not only moved the office and you will also need transportation equipment. It often happens that such equipment is a valuable, highly accurate, but still oversized. And for the transportation of oversized cargo, as known, not only requires service movers, but also the availability of special transportation, professional riggers and of course, necessary permissions. A lot also depends on the development of a competent transport route. A lot of companies offering service movers in Saint Petersburg, transportation service, but for the transportation of oversized equipment are ready to take a few. This is not only the difficulties associated with coordination and organization of such transport, but also with some material liability that incurs in the event of signing the contract the organizer of your move. Not everyone will agree to be responsible for complex and expensive equipment and held responsible for damage.

Therefore, companies do not have a state matching professionals with experience in this area, very rarely offer such services. This largely determines the cost of transporting bulky goods, but at the same time protect against fraud perpetrators, who are aware that the possibility of 'light' earnings in the transport of oversized cargo does not exist. Despite this, choosing a company for freight should pay attention to the level offered her the price. If they are well below market – this should alert you. Also, strangely enough if the company willing to call you the exact cost of transport to travel to the place of an appraiser or receiving your information on the size and type of equipment that you intend to carry. Cope with these challenges, of course, extremely difficult. Therefore, when planning transportation of oversized equipment should turn to professionals with experience in similar works. It must be remembered that self-transport oversized equipment cherevata unpleasant consequences – in case of accidental damage, repair of such equipment will be so expensive that it can not go to any comparison with the cost of services specialists. Ordering service movers to transport bulky equipment, you are concerned about the security of their business and production, protecting yourself from unnecessary expenses. But this is impossible to save.