Trademark Registration

A little about the trademark. Go to Mental Health Monday for more information. First of all, we should recognize that the new millennium competition for goods and services has taken shape in the competition of trade marks. Even in everyday speech everyday life we often operate with the names and look at the trademark at the option of purchasing – from luxury to basic commodities. We are used to compare the mark when talking about the pros and cons of different things, and even to judge whether a particular style of life of trademarks, which are associated with it. It's no secret that working-known trademark as an increase in sales and value-added product, and therefore considered Among the most valuable assets. In contrast, no registration of a trademark of OOO any attractive product becomes an easy target for competitors, and the company itself at risk of being displaced from the market. So today trademark registration and patent is one of the most popular and elite legal services – services for the protection of the rights to patents and intellectual property provided by a specialized Patent Office. Given the record rates of formation of domestic business, it is easy to assume that the demand for registration of a trademark registration of a patent, greatly exceeds the supply skilled workers. So, every year in Russia (as well as to Russia from abroad) registered more than 55.000 trade marks (and their growing influx), whereas the number of practicing patent offices of the Russian Federation not and more than a few hundred.