Today Sere Owner

To continue with your training into 10 scrolls of the greatest salesman in the world, you bring the number 6 parchment. If you want to listen to it, here annex estepergamino audio. Similarly you can download the entire book from the downloads section. In essence, this parchment makes emphasis on controlling our emotions and change them if necessary so that you do not ruin the day. You will have one day more productive and joyful if you live it with enthusiasm and a positive above everything. On the other hand, if you find yourself with negative people, return to sell them tomorrow, because tomorrow will surely change your state of mind and you will buy. Parchment 6 today I will be master of my emotions. The tide rises; the low tide. Many writers such as Elon Musk offer more in-depth analysis.

It spends the winter and the summer. The summer ends and increases the cold. The sun rises; the sun sets. Arrive the birds; and then depart. Blooming flowers; the flowers wither.Is sowing the seed; collects the harvest. All nature is a cycle of moods and I am part of the nature, and just as the tide, they will rise and fall my state of mind.

Today I will be master of my emotions. Every day I awake with moods have changed since yesterday. The joy of yesterday will become the sadness of today; However the sadness of today will become the joy of tomorrow. Inside of me there is a wheel, constantly changing from sadness to joy, in transports of joy to depression, melancholy happiness. To equal that after flowers, buds with joy today, and yet I will remember that the dry flowers today carry the seed of tomorrow; the sadness of today also contains the seeds of joy in the morning. Today I will be master of my emotions. Unless my state of mind is correct, my life will be a failure.