Where it is the true problem? The BELIEF If outside truth that working VERY HARD is only managed to have money, the people that works in Africa more than 14 hours to the day would be millionaire. To make more money more is related to what mistresses to do, with thinking that You deserve to have prosperity and to understand that, for example, a Good Idea of Business could take to the economic level who you wish, that with the level of " esfuerzo". " esfuerzo" it is important but he is not " determinante" , the determinant is the APPROACH. What mistresses to do? What motivates to you? By which activities that mistresses to do you would be arranged to receive money? Thousands of ideas exist that you can apply, are everywhere you only need liberarte the BELIEF focuses that you in I CANNOT, I DO NOT KNOW, I DO NOT DESERVE, and any other limitor belief that it goes up to around your head for justificarte to remain without which you deserve yourself. STEP 2: IT CHANGES THE LANGUAGE No, one is not which you learn Chinese mandarin. It remembers that: To change the language is the first step to change the form to think. What type of language you use TO JUSTIFY YOUR SUPPOSED LIMITATIONS? Examples: Example 1: *No I serve to handle you can change It to the money by: * At the moment, I do not know how to handle the money Example 2: *No I can control what you can change as It by: *Todava I am not able to control my habits of food. The problem with this negative use of the language is that it does enfocarte to you in which you lack, in which you cannot and it does not let SPACE to you TO FOCUS different and to act consequently.