Thomas Hopf

Also the quality of the site, the previous practice leadership, the economy as well as the cost and organizational structures of the respective operating are Thomas Hopf considers essential for the determination of the value of the practice. In addition to this, that these factors are independent of the competitive situation and requirements planning. Thomas Hopf estimates its forecast the market situation as very realistic. We noticed already the example of dental surgeries, that the selling prices for practices not much have changed after the abolition of the planning of of need for in the year 2007. Less profitable practices without a sufficient patient base can sell themselves as bad. In the reverse case profitable, well-managed practices are rated as good with a sufficient patient base and achieve good prices”. Another example of relevant market changes in the practice assessment is the increasing engagement of the outpatient clinics Market. Associated fable prices for approvals in locked-down registration districts provide regionally significant distortions in the practice values”, explains Thomas Hopf.

Many hospitals are investing in medical seats for strategic reasons. It has a market distortion resulted. In certain disciplines therefore currently prices are achieved, not market reflect the actual value of the practices”, so Hopf next. Knowledge of the current value of the practice are security practice operators are not surprised by such different determinants and strategies may develop in advance, the consulting expert recommends preventive and regular participation in briefings and seminars around the topic of practice review. Knowledge of current policies and trends are security. Many doctors and dentists are faced with declining numbers of budget case, facing a mountain of tasks, to keep their practice on course and forget a regular assessment of their practice often, how important under business aspects, “explains his recommendation Thomas Hopf. Banks and financial institutions would always know the value of a practice its experience.