The Things Of God

The GOD THINGS attention for an examination Called me it the fact chapter 8 of the Epistle of the Apstolo Pablo to the Romans to present, in five of its thirty and nine versicles, the plural feminine substantive THINGS. THING or COUSA is what it exists or it can exist, consonant teaches the old Dictionary to us. This vocbulo, for consisting of an expressive versicle number that composes the most beautiful chapter of one of most beautiful Books of the Sacred Holy Writs, receives from this humble contributor the azado heading of the GOD THINGS. Marlene Dietrich: the source for more info. Here it is the intended analysis: VERSICLE 5:' ' Therefore the ones that are according to meat incline for the things of the meat; but the ones that are according to Spirit for the THINGS of the Esprito.' ' Necessity if makes to say that it deals with this chapter the deepest vindication to the Perpetual Salvation of the believer in Jesus Christ envidada for the Apstolo of the Gentes. Of versicles of 1 the 13, Pablo discourses on the mortal meat, our bodies, saying that, as well as the Spirit of God, who in us inhabits, he revived the Jesus amongst deceased, has to also vivify our mortal bodies. Vivified, therefore, for the Spirit, the ones that are according to Spirit incline for the THINGS OF the SPIRIT, because ' ' the inclination of the Spirit is life and paz.' ' (v.6) To incline for the things of the Spirit is to walk for the Spirit (Gl.5: 16), are to be guided by the Spirit (id.v.18), are to live for the Spirit (id.v.25), it is to be coated with the fruit of the Spirit, and ' ' the fruit of the Spirit is: the love, the joy, the peace, the longanimidade, the benignancy, the goodness, the allegiance, the mansido, the proper domain; ' ' (id.vv.22, 23).