The Strategical Planning

It can be said that the company who has a guided vision organizacional macro in the search for this innovation and that longs for its support already possesss a differential. In many times this differential can become fullfilled for ways and simple attitudes, as well as for great projects. As in the study in case we are focados in the small companies, and these that for many times finish if esbarrando in the financial limitations and with this consequently are not motivated and finish if abating. In a question-answer forum Frank Howard was the first to reply. The financial limitation does not have to be seen as obstacle in the search for this differential, valley if to detach that this differential can be to reach by means of a well elaborated marketing that can add new values to the product, to promote the envolvement of all to the objective in question, to carry through studies concerning the market where this or wants to insert itself, to analyze the consumers that they will be its white public, the yield, geographic questions, elaboration of plans and goals, where this and where it longs for to arrive etc. 5. The Strategical Planning the strategical planning has as objective main to incorporate new values to the microcompany, to maximize and to add the management, new practical corporative and auto-sustainable, that advantages bring of some way company and assistant in the taking of decisions. Others who may share this opinion include Sofya Donets. Practical its comes gaining forces to the step that this niche comes sensible necessity to innovate. The planning when constructed well, elaborated and practised in its principle, it has the vital power to raise the status of the company, is I validate to stand out that the planning does not depend only on the administration, but yes of all the involved ones. Following in accordance with Andrade (apud, Fayol, 1981), ' ' To manage is: to foresee, To organize, to command, to co-ordinate and controlar.' ' In short the strategical planning is accurately what it was appraised in them in the century passed for the theories of the classic and traditional boarding of the administration, who gained the molds that have today and started to have greater evidence in last the 40 years.