The Dynamics

It is from the integration of several theories or approaches, where the center of this integrality is the same man. This is integrative and eclectic a current, since it uses theoretical concepts and practical procedures, in the measurement that are necessary. Between its representatives they are possible to be named: WASLON, MURPHY, ROGERES, WILLARD, among others. With this brief version of the history of the Dynamics of Group; taken from I appear, Archimedes., Introduction of the Dynamics of Group. (1985), we happened to describe next, some definitions of Dynamics of Group, contemplated in this same work: the reciprocal interaction of forces (of positive or negative tendencies – Valencias) and their effects resulting, constitutes the dynamics of a group Lewin, Kurt " " Dynamics of a group is an expression that is used to talk about to many aspects different from the operation of the groups. Essentially one talks about the forces that interact within the groups these they organize and they act to reach his objetivos" ".

Dynamic Shertzer-Stone of group: " " talks about the forces that act in each group throughout their existence and that makes behave in the form like comporta" ". Cirigliano-Villaverde " " the Dynamics of Group talks about the processes used by the groups that encouraged intentions of resolution of problems or accin" ". Herrold, K. " " Dynamic of Group is an expression that includes the group process and the rolls of grupo" ". Jenkins Dynamics of Group he is " " a consecrated field of investigation to acquire knowledge regarding the nature of the groups, to the laws of its development and his interrelation with the individuals and others grupos" ". Cartwright-Zander " " The Dynamics of Group constitutes the spread attempt more and of greater influence at the moment, in the study of grupos" ".