The Days

And they are going to love. If so, do then why many couples, after months or years, say that it was the love? Firstly, by a false definition of love. In the 10 principles for a happy marriage we clarify all definitions of love, and all that implies. If this is not clear, the couple believes that love is going. So to know what love is, not to mention lies, we do not always have love to give. There are days when we woke up with the mood on the floor and we don’t want that or talk to us.

You are not going to be willing to give love each day, and your partner won’t be either. And there are times when we don’t want to know anything about life, we feel that we don’t want anyone, that our life has no purpose or meaning. Then, are they going to be separated by this? If love is the main objective, then it is best separated when we feel nothing, isn’t it? For what marriage was created but not. The goal of marriage is not the personal happiness, receive or give love, nor is the company or children they are even. God created marriage and the couple to provide privacy, fellowship and growth, in order to achieve a higher purpose.

Marriage is more important that the only live with your partner, passing the days and the years, doing things together and raising children to be good citizens. God designed the pair for goals larger than you can imagine. And those purposes are more than your happiness. Let us be realistic. You’re not always happy in your marriage. Your partner can be perfect, but just come problems, economic crises, someone gets sick anyway. You’re not always happy. So look at your marriage with new eyes, and consider it the most important in your life, because that is how the marriage will have meaning and purpose, beyond’s own satisfaction. Original author and source of the article