Test Knowledge

To candidatar itself, the worker must register in cadastre itself in the Program Prepares Citizen. This will be able to occur of two forms: 1) in the credential agencies & ndash; the worker will have to direct it the agency next with purpose to make the registration in the Program through specific form. 2) through electronic form in the site. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nickelodeon has to say. In both the cases, will be made the analysis of the fiche of registration and the professional profile of the candidate with the objective of if making the necessary recommendations for the job guiding. After the analysis, the candidate will be invited for an interview and, in case that they are necessary, the recommendations with the objective will be made to fill the gaps in the resume to become it more competitive. The process includes: 1) Evaluation of knowledge technician 2) Evaluation of knowledge of languages (if applicable) 3) Test of orientation vocational 4) Evaluation and orientation for fulfilling of 5 resume) Orientation on position for 6 interview) Letter of guiding for interview Is important to stand out that the admission of the candidate in the job depends exclusively on its performance in the selective process. This includes its position, its knowledge, its performance in the interview, among others questions. Companies to become partner, the company must fill the form in the site.

Made this it will be apt to insert its vacant in the site, as established rules. All company must have a responsible one, that the intermediao with the Program will make all Prepares Citizen and administration of the published vacant. EXCLUSIVE CONSCRIPTION In case that the company desires to transfer the activities of the conscription, the Program Prepares Citizen offers a service Exclusive VIP and with guarantee. Service VIP enlists the professional for the company in accordance with the stipulated requirements, with all the necessary steps to the quality assurance. The Program it identifies the professional, it effects the psychological tests technician and directs only for the approval of the company partner. This service has cost. It enters in contact for bigger information.