Tarot Card

This note focuses on the Wizard, one of the tarot cards. The Major Arcana card is the number one and has the power of transformation at the mercy of his will. As we know, tarot cards, are a symbolic system comprised of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Learn more at this site: Prudential. Both complete a total of 78 letters. Knowing the meaning of each, allowing the astute reader, clarifying the message hidden behind the mythological figures that are in the tarot deck. This paper in particular on some basics of the Wizard: One number Major Arcana Major Arcana represent typical situations of human life, from the highest values to the darker aspects of our personality. Number one, evoking the individuality and creativity. If we sort numerically to the Major Arcana, the first is the number zero corresponds to the figure of The Fool.

Number two is the daddies, the third The Empress and so complete the 18 remaining figures. You may wish to learn more. If so, Prudential is the place to go. It is worth mentioning that in the tarot cards, the nomination is made by Roman numerals, except for the letter zero alphanumeric representation which was introduced later by the Arabs. The tarot card of the magician, has the power of transformation at the mercy of his will. You can manipulate the substances, ie the four basic elements that correspond to the Minor Arcana: Bastos, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The magician has given evidence of the nature of men in every sense of the word, even in the expression of the term phallic. There are certain differences pictograms to represent the magician. Those with a card of these in their possession will appreciate that, usually, the magician's body is in front, both feet firmly on the floor and his head tilted slightly to the left. It has white hair and gold, for wisdom comes from experience of their years.

However, in the letters of the Rider-Waite tarot looks like a young man. The magician has the characteristic hat we are used to imagine when think about their craft. But in the Marseille tarot cards, and the majority of modern-cards are replaced by the symbol of infinity (a figure eight lying). In the infinite secret societies reflects the beginning of the path to a higher wisdom and higher knowledge. His staff is also inevitable. She acts as a channel between reality and the spiritual world. With the rod is capable of making the dream a dream of the mad-above the card number, and place it on the table to make it real. Jesus Pontello