Syriac Orthodox

According to Elhayat of June 16, 2009. The elections have strengthened the political fronts in the Lebanon for the most part. The deputies Michel Elmur koalierte now with the 14 March alliance”. This won a majority of 71 of 128 seats in the Parliament. The Government whose Premier must be a Sunni, is formed by the head of the future coalition Saad Hariri. The Armenian party Taschnaq aggravated conflicts and became entangled in intrigues of Hezbollah and the Syrian intelligence services, which can cost them their political power.

Observers talk of a Verzweifelungsakt in the direction of Hezbollah, to get the political power over the Armenians in the Lebanon. There was a split within the Syriac Orthodox community in the Lebanon. In addition, the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Monte filed a tampering against his priest Elias Yacoub Elaakari a display due to misappropriation of funds, theft, bribery Lebanon, who had been for Aoun votes. In the city, pay with a strong presence of the Lebanese forces and the large Syrian community, could the 14. March “-Alliance win all 7 seats.” The Syriac Union of Lebanon and the Assyrian SHURAYA party could largely to mobilize their supporters for the vote in favour of the Lebanese forces and it excelled in pay, Hadath and sed El Bouchrieh from a high turnout of the Assyrian and Syriac denominations. But the Lebanon’s political system provides for only one seat for all Christian minorities, however, a realistic ethnic representation in the Parliament does not exist. The Maronite patriarch, his beatitude tried to comment on the statements of politicians and said (…) of course the loser will find excuses that justify its loss (…) “.” Hezbollah let know that they put no weight in the elections so that the forces responsible Government of March 14 still. However, it was known as Hezbollah put everything bringing voters from abroad into the country.