Statute Children

Appropriate age When one of us says that if a child or an adolescent has age to commit a crime, also has age to receive due punishment, the defenders of impunity, on the basis of the Statute of the Child and Adolescente (ECA), fervilham done piranhas, saying that this is a nonsense; that the children and adolescents do not have conscience of what they are making; that they do not have maturity to assume the responsibilities of its acts It is truth: children and adolescents are in phase of construction of personality character, learning to assume of responsibility; they are ripening. all more than if wants to speak. But also they make things that ' ' until God duvida' ' Also we cannot deny a fact: in the validity of the ECA? clearly that also for several other circumstances and interferences? it comes increasing the incidence of children and adolescents in the world of the crime and the violence. To read more click here: Morgan Stanley. The same minors, for which if she defends the unrestricted right to the school, esquivam themselves of school to enter in the delinquencia. In reason of this the investigation is born: a time that children and adolescents, for the protection of the law, if become untouchable who go protecting in them against the aggressions of that they are protected by the law? How protecting in them of that they are placed as that above of the law? Here it is that suddenly, in England, (soon in England) some tumults pipocam (beginning of August of 2011). Beyond young the adult involved, some children and adolescents had been photographed in acts of fire and quebradeiras (children of 11 years and some adolescents). In the same period, the reporters of Brazil showed gangs of girls (formed for children and adolescents) infernizando the life of the traders, in So Paulo. Without counting that daily they appear notice of involved minors in the most different crimes also in the pertaining to school universe, with aggressions and deaths of professors. .