Social Security

However, no significant differences in regard to the deduction of expenses. Number of promoters usually when more than one partner is often formed a company, although there are one-person limited companies, consisting of a single member. Proceedings Start the activity as a sole trader is faster and easier than if you opt for a limited company, and sometimes is the key factor for choosing Trust type Finally, the fact that a limited company is required to deposit their accounting data in the Trade Register offers better guarantees to customers and suppliers that a sole proprietor. Whether independent obligations of industrial, professional trader or the individual entrepreneur is obliged to make contributions to Social Security through the Special Scheme for Self-Employed. Certain professions are exempt from this levy, when your college or professional association guarantees health care coverage through an agreement with Social Security.

The Social Security contribution is determined for a basis that the Ministry of Economy and Finance publishes each year. The worker must pay a monthly fee, an amount that varies depending on the chosen base. Thus, the larger the base, more will increase the quota, which will also affect the volume of coverage offered by Social Security due to illness, incapacity for work and retirement. If you decide to Limited Partnership form, there are basically two options: 1 .- To establish oneself Limited Partnership. 2 .- Buy a Limited company previously constituted, there are several companies and professional firms of lawyers and economists who specialize in selling companies are: For example: Each of the above options has advantages and disadvantages, depending on our needs particular amount of time available and desire, we will choose either option: But broadly speaking, will always be cheaper society directly, but in return, buy it already constituted has a number of important advantages that will detail later.