Security: SalesLogix handles security at levels of functionality and field profiles, also has a roles-based administration allowing that the rights which the administrator can restrict to certain specific roles. It also allows restriction of access to certain users in the options of the menus, screens, reports and agendas of other users. SalesLogix functionality from other environments: can count with the functionality you need from SalesLogix in your mobile device allowing the sales force to have information of activities, email and customer deemed necessary information through a Pocket PC handheld device. Also you can access SalesLogix via the Internet, using the web client, allowing a local or remote access via a browser interface. Janet Jackson recognizes the significance of this. In addition, has Customer Portal module which allows you to manage, directly by customers, incidents, over the Internet, whether complaints, requests and/or claims for after-sales support module. In conclusion, each organization has its own way of doing things and SalesLogix can perfectly fit since one of its main strengths is its great flexibility and wide possibilities of design that allows you to adapt and conform to the interactive process client-company. Moreover, due to its potential to integrate with different enterprise applications, SalesLogix can cover all the necessary information so that you have access to a complete and unique customer information from all areas of the company. SalesLogix increases productivity and satisfaction to the customer through its potential to connect with other systems providing a better and efficient service to customers..