Rio De Janeiro

The diverse factors that had taken a small number of elite Brazilian men to restore has been essentially economic, religious and social. However such elitist ones did not know of the ratios of such fact for the Brazilian people had much less acquired knowledge the population concerning this importance. ‘ ‘ the republican ideas had been part of diverse Brazilian movements, as the Mining Inconfidncia, the Bahian Plot, the Pernambucana Revolution, from 1870 the republican movement gained a formation and concreta’ more solid; ‘ (COTRIM, P. 217, 2001). The previous movements they had influenced of efficient form the republican feeling, the headquarters for restoring a republic it are as much, that such elitist ones had obtained to execute the plan and to reach the desired objective. In comparison with the other countries of Latin America, the independence of Brazil was relatively pacific.

The military conflict limited it skirmishes in Rio De Janeiro and to the resistance of the provinces of the north, over all Bahia and Maranho (OAK, 2005). It did not have mobilization of great armies, did not have liberating revolt commanded by popular leaders, simply the Portugal had only one agreement by means of a payment of two million sterling pounds (mediated for England that was at the time perhaps and bigger interested party in all the process of emancipation of the one until then colony). The city that more suffered with the changes proceeding from the blow, without a doubt, was the city of Rio De Janeiro and its citizens, who at that time were the capital of then the new country and Portuguese former-colony. As it places OAK, great part of the inhabitants of the state of Rio de Janeiro was involved for the first time in the problems of the city and the country (2009). Still according to OAK, Rio De Janeiro suffered deep transformations, as for example, demographic transformations, the numbers of inhabitants grew of frightful form, as well as the ratio of women for men, had more men who women and less of the half of the population were been born in the city.