Recessed Lightingstyle Price

Recessed lighting, style, price and quality. Design solutions for your apartment or house combines a lot of different components of which actually formed the design and style of your zhilischa.Eto and floor, wall, ceiling, furniture and osveschenie.V recent years become more fashionable, along with suspended ceilings, suspended ceilings. Both give you shelter novyy.nepovtorimy image as a variety of colors and patterns virtually no boundaries. And of course before you install a ceiling covering must determine for themselves the type of lamps suitable for the design and specifications. If we consider the recessed, the leaders in this group of products are well-known as a factory: Novotech (Hungary), Globo (Austria) and Reccagni Angelo (Italy). All three manufacturers are very diverse range of insertions, but the main thing is the quality product offerings. After all, if you decide to install these fixtures in the bathroom, you must think about the safety and security lighting.

It is best for rooms with high humidity will approach Light Novotech, series-AQUA.Stepen protection of these lamps, to IP65. Now let's consider the aesthetic component of recessed luminaires. Reccagni Angelo (Italy) is only decorative lighting, color, bronze, and gold and of course, but the choice of fixtures hrustal.Izyaschnye not as large as the insertions are not mainstream, but rather a complement to an excellent collection of chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces in this factory. Globo (Austria), everything is up to vice versa. Simple, reliable, not a high price. And do not add up to subtract.

The choice is also not great. Color standard, gold, metal, nickel. All are equipped with a turning mechanism. Novotech (Hungary), this is where a decent selection voshischeniya.Novotech specializes exclusively in the recessed fixtures. The variety in everything. Rates from $ 100 up to 3500. There is everything for every taste and tsvet.Neskolko magnificent collections. Novotech CRYSTALS-a luxury and unparalleled design at a very noted that not only suited for recessed stretch and suspended ceilings. I suggest you pay attention to the halogen control panel, decorated with light-emitting diodes are also priceless look on potolke.Vybor very large, as in design and price range. All of these products, you can view and purchase on the site of the largest in St. Petersburg Online Store Global Illumination. Our product range includes more than 3,000 models in