Private Health Insurance

Contribution assessment ceiling only monthly pass after an article in “The world” the change in the private health insurance should be made easier. Instead of three years in a row, the contribution assessment ceiling must be exceeded only even once. Who are so far as workers or employees in the private health insurance (PKV) assure wanted, had to overcome a high hurdle. The contribution assessment ceiling set off when a private health insurance for employees was possible. Currently, so in 2010 this size EUR 45,000.

This amount of income had to be met or exceeded in the past 3 years in a row, or a change in the private health insurance was not possible. The hurdle should fall with date already on 01.01.2011. “According to a report of the newspaper the world” will be in the Saturday August 14, 2010 in reported that the Coalition wants to make the change easier. That would mean that anyone who once about every month above the still for 2011 to be established Contribution assessment ceiling earned, can immediately switch to private health insurance. Also good health and choosing the right private health insurance are required a change in addition to the year working pay limit. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Paula Rosenthal. A comparison makes it clear here. With the help of an insurance broker, you will find the right private health insurance that fits your needs. Thanks to modern conferencing via your PC as well as telephone and email are Thomas Kammann discussions in the entire Federal territory. Advantage for, optimal use of your time, no sales calls, short concise understandable and accurate quotes. Read also the testimonials of satisfied customers on our website