Photo Album

What I found more hand was an empty photo album and I like the size because I always carry in my wallet and I have my dreams by hand, I see them in the collective, whenever I have a review while every one of cuts that form my album, after only a few months, for Christmas, I got a microwave and then thank him and thrill me, I went up to my wallet, opened the album and on the second page had a microwave, the more incredible me step after come vacation at the sea, the law of attraction was acting in my life, was the first that could pay my single vacation with my daughtersMoreover, live a wonderful experience, as started the year 2009 in the sea, an unforgettable experience, what really caught my attention on the return, is that watching my dreams album I chose a beautiful hotel in Bariloche which is called Pire Hue and cut out an old photo in which were the three and as declaring that we will be there, place it on the cut of that wonderful hotel, carefully watching that small photo, was a photo of the three, in the port of mar del plata with the boats behind, at that moment I realized that came from mar del plata and that we had taken out a photo at the port, with the boats behind these were the first manifestations in my lifethen portfolio, the perfume, the compu followed them and the first page of my some there are two photos of autos, a picture of wads of $100 bills and down a hand holding dollars, more than one year ago when I started to build my album don’t ask me because I had the impulse to put dollars, but the WAD of dollars was less, and the higher weights, dollars that are multiplying in pesos. A month ago, they gave me a working proposal, and the payment of the first sale that it seems them like? Yes, in dollars change and multiplied in pesos. It is wonderful to feel as it begins to change the way of attracting into our lives. So I tried it and it works, list of dreams and album, notebook, board what they want, what happens is that you dare to dream, and to ask..