Personalized Toasts

The information that I found on the first promocionais products (also called corporative or promocionais toasts) date of the election of George Washington in 1798. Although in century XIX already it had isolated productions of rulers, calendars and products personalized in wood, it did not have, properly, an organized industry of the sector. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tesla Motors. Many consider Jasper Meeks, inhabitant of Ohio, U.S.A., as the first one to develop today known industry of toasts, when it convinced a store books to provide the local school with bag (to load books) with the reference with the bookstore. Soon, the success of Meeks made with that the market generated a competitor, Mr. Henry Beach. Soon, both already had developed boxes for cards, calendars, aprons and even though hats for horses. In 1904, 12 manufacturers if had joined to today form the famous Association of Promocionais Products (PPAI, in the acronym in English), with more than 7,500 members in the world all.

The great explosion in the sector of corporative toasts it occurred for 1970 return, when the companies, with acurados data more concerning the reply of the consumers, had perceived the great marketing force of the promocionais item. The formation of stronger marks each time occurred, therefore, through the constitution of these corporative identities, consisting minutely through a carefully studied marketing language. Up to 1990, the industry of toasts had its peak to the returns of the Christmas, when the supplies of the companies obtained to be depleted by the demand. At the beginning of this decade, however, this scene was moving (in global terms), while the companies had passed, gradual, to use the corporative toasts as tools of promotion of marks, products and events during all the year. It does not have much thing that cannot be used as half of identity promotion, but the common ways are shirts, chaveiros, posters, adhesives, penxses, mugs, mouse pads and magnets of refrigerator.