Performance Marketing

Performance-oriented online marketing online marketing is marketing measures are made with the help of the Internet. It is a relatively new part of the marketing mix, but some disciplines have made by. Online marketing has various approaches to achieve success in the marketing of services or products: display advertising on own and external Web pages: advertisements are displayed here due to the content of a Web page and visitors are direct or later motivated to buy an advertised offer, or to find out about this. This kind of marketing is more transparent than other forms of marketing, because the success of display advertising (banner ads) can be better tracked. The direct click on the ad is logged; the visitors of the website decides later, the connection with the display of cookies can be made. ledge..

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your own or third-party Web sites: A company is successful with its online marketing efforts, if it well listed for relevant keywords of own business in the natural search results. Such rankings are not random, but expression of efforts for the optimization of on-page and off-page factors of search engine optimization. Search engine marketing (SEM) for own and third-party websites: this involves placing contextual advertising due to the search queries of search engine users. Such rankings can be rapidly implemented, must be paid but with money for each individual click (keyword advertising). However, this method of online marketing in terms of performance marketing is scales very well, the costs are well calculated to the success of a marketing campaign proportionally. Affiliate marketing for the direct promotion of sales success: here, webmasters are motivated by commissions to embed promotional links on their Web pages in a reasonable way. With affiliate marketing, you reach audiences on Web pages, close topic dealing with issues, which can promote your own business.

This marketing method also does scale well because the Commission through a sale is covered. Affiliate marketing thus embodies the classic performance marketing. Social media marketing as a new form of online marketing: many Internet users move into social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. There, they are engaged with different themes, but can be used directly for marketing activities. Social media marketing can promote also the resonance for our own products and brands within social networks and thus to secure a post for the online reputation of the company. E-Mail Marketing as a traditional form of customer loyalty and customer strengthening: the use of E-Mail is still the most intense use of the Internet. Many customers and prospects expect from their business partners to run be placed via email about new possibilities in knowledge. Who can convince with relevant information here, win new customers and binds more to existing customers.