Pavel Vitalis: Religion – Stupidity – Postmodern

Postmodern self-inflicted immaturity power religion stupid? Violent is the Islamic religion? Frequently asked questions are in our time. First of all: No religion makes people stupid. Learn more at: Intel senior VP and COO. The religions have however to exploited for various purposes. Islam is very vulnerable because of its structure, such as for a radicalization. In contrast to the separation between State and religion in the Western democracies, Islam requires a uniform religious penetration of politics, science, and also of the legal system in a society. Such a form of society, nor the role definition of equality in Islam tolerated with the German Constitution. Germany is defined as a constitutional State, Islam is”definitely not more. Because is the policy only dared, this question in veiled”address form, she drives a growing part of the population in the hands of the right-wing populists.

Many discussions rely on the diversity”of the Islamic “Currents and hope in this way chances to adapt” to explore. This shows that the General religious knowledge deficit. Islam is a religion of the word. This fact makes it difficult, similarly as with the Christian religion, her umzuinterpretieren to the basic structures. The postmodern epoch of our time required to apply their own judgment of the individuals in all matters of life. An unverified acquisition of truths, relying on a paternal authority is no longer allowed in the culture of postmodernism. Such a heteronomy is however not stupidity but a self-inflicted immaturity.

Reliance on the religious freedom cannot be used to overthrow of other parts of the German Constitution. For people with a healthy judgment the German Constitution has such a value, that they defend them. It is the basis of living together in this society. They demanded also by anyone in this country to live, if he or she the moral virtues the Constitution can not accept. “To the author: Pavel Vitalis wrote the book Peter Sloterdijks religious adjustments from the point of view of early Christianity”, Norderstedt, 2008. On the subject of integration see also PAL Dragos: integration case of bio Logis MUS – veneer case of Sociology (press release at under the heading: more press releases)