Patrick Swayze Has Only Five Weeks To Live

Sad news today streamed through the press agencies around the world. Click Intel to learn more. A message that many people in their youth will be staggered. Who has seen no dirty dancing? What woman has not raved for Patrick Swayze? However, exactly to this actor turns the sad news that all fans around the globe increase the air allows. Because as it was now known, Patrick Swyze has only five weeks to live. If you have read diesse lines they think at a bad joke or, as so often, to a hoax. But unfortunately it is not so. Patrick Swayze is suffering from pancreatic cancer, also the cancer has affected other organs. The cancer was diagnosed in January, so as reported by the NATIONAL ENQUIRE.

Patrick Swyze was in the last few months repeatedly on trips to different doctors and repeatedly, he attended the prestigious Stanford University. The doctors immediately initiated a radical chemotherapy, but they are now no longer very optimistic that the treatment can be completed successfully. He received the three doses Chemotherapy, but this shrank to shrink the tumor, not like the doctors and Patrick Swayze would have liked it. “Was that he should have received two treatments and the cancer probably not react told him. Shortly they have very little hope”, says an insider. Patrick Swayze has danced in the hearts of millions of viewers and moviegoers in the film dirty dancing.

In the poignant love story ghost, he shone with his whole acting skills. Now, he will have lost over 20 pounds and can take only liquid food. “It is time to pray for a miracle.” We hope for the best.