Online Tire Stores compares 12 online stores for summer tires Hamburg, April 05, 2011 online tyre shops enjoy easy purchasing and the simplified comparison of a rising popularity. In March 2011, has tested 12 service providers. The study shows which shops are the range, prices and service. The result: of superior test winner is with the touch of 1.63 (well”). “” The shop is convincing in all four major categories in the two areas of product & payment”and”security it reaches even the note very well”. Behind the winner takes the second (2.07), ranked three ends up tires-tires already with clear distance and which note goes fourth 2,36. place to (2.37), (2.49) is fifth.

Overall, only five shops cut with good”off. with the lowest prices best service quality at bargain hunters find the best deals at Very cheap prices make the Online-shop with the excellent price score of 1.08 to the winner”. The trail quality-conscious customers who place particular value on competent advice and good service, to the winner. Comprehensive payment options, purchase recommendations and the best grade in the area of service make not only to the overall winner, but also the quality winner.” Whoever compares saves over 20 percent compare prices worth it just for online tire buying.

In the test, the price difference between the cheapest offers in the shops was up to 9 per tyre. Converted to a whole set of tyres, the customer can save up to 36 euros at least 21 percent. Who relies on quality and decides for a premium tire has similar savings potential: up to 16 percent savings are possible here. Flaws in the data security but extensive payment options pent-up for some shops with secure data transmission. Hear other arguments on the topic with Paula Rosenthal. Five of the tested shops use SSL encryption for the Transmission of customer data. The payment, however, is when the tire buying online convenient and safe: A payment via PayPal is not possible only at a shop, offer credit card payment seven shops. Test winner and two other shops the customer can pay even only comfortably after receipt of the goods on account. More information and results see: studies on the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with A total of 1,810 sources free of 365.900 test reports and numerous buyer opinions available are consumers.