After initial preparation, he is not recommended to leave that Li-ion batteries discharge completely, a good practice is to recharge them when it faces a 10 to 30% of the total capacity. The second type of batteries recommended for use on mobile phones are the NIMH type since they are much more resistant to deterioration due to the memory effect, besides having a yield 35% higher than the third most recommended type of nickel-cadmium (NI-CD). With both types it is recommended to perform a similar initial conditioning a to that mentioned in the preceding paragraph, also it is recommended that that the batteries completely discharged every 4th cycle and charge them fully to reduce the memory effect the memory effect occurs primarily in nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries and one much smaller in the NiMH proportion, what is mentioned below does not apply to Li-ion batteries, because not they have this disadvantage. For more information see this site: Molina Healthcare Inc.. This effect refers to the decrease in the performance of the batteries due to partial reloads caused by striped use of batteries. In other words, when a NiCd battery (and to a lesser extent a type NiMH) only partially download before recharging, only use the part discharged in the next cycle causing the battery to forget (hence the name of memory effect) having capacity without being used, which results in diminished performance, to avoid this condition is recommended to recondition batterieswhich consists of download and fully charge the battery after 4 or 5 cycles of use to restore the use of their full capacity and reduce as far as possible the negative effects. Important recommendations: avoid exposure to intense heat or cold: the batteries are designed to operate at ambient temperature, something that is particularly harmful is to expose them to high temperatures, although it is not possible to control conditions weather, if we can avoid leaving our equipment inside a closed automobile exposed to the Sun or to charge our cell phone into the pocket with battery attached to our leg, when using a car charger, is recommended to wait until the internal temperature of the enclosure stabilizes at a pleasant level before connecting our team.