New Poetry Of Rajymbek

Rajymbek presents eighth volume of poetry titled”looking for my Yes Rajymbek presents looking after my Yes”its eighth volume of poetry only ten years. His lyrics are full of passion, they pour on the asphalt of gray everyday life in the hope that an Eden rose blooms free of all reason. Further details can be found at Jay Glazer, an internet resource. Rajymbek has embark on the search on the search for his luck, his love, his Yes. His poems reflect life in all its facets love, the longing, the varied nature and the never ending joy of life. Rajymbek allows deep insight in his inner world. And that makes his poetry so special. Here he reveals his fears, his pleasures, his despair and his devotion, his laugh and his wines, his search and his finding. With enthusiasm, I read Rajymbeks wonderful poems about love, about life, about the nature and wildlife.

When I start to read, I spill into another world. You are with so much love and intimacy written, that I only can recommend it anyone. You just don’t stop reading enthusiasm. The design of the book fits perfectly to the content. So you get offered exactly what promise the approximately 240 pages. Looking after my Yes magical poetry is a band, which is worthwhile for all lovers of romantic and dreamy poems with diverse content.