New Innovation Blacksmith For Smart Home In The Rhineland-Palatinate

With Comexio breaking new ground in the building and industrial automation. 22 Percent of households that have broadband, have implemented until 2017 at least a smart home system.” A study by Strategy Analytics forecast is smart home strategies. The earlier this year founded company Comexio GmbH, headquartered in Kerzenheim has set itself ambitious in this respect. With new innovative and low-cost devices for smart home and energy management, wants to conquer you the market. The sister company from the Greiner Group develops and manufactures innovative products for controllers, home and industry. Here so-called IO servers, which are controlled by the most widely used communications standard Ethernet are used. For more specific information, check out Peter Arnell. As a first instrument series of its kind, these are fully Web-based and compatible with almost any switch or push button program, as well as browser-enabled devices such as PC, Tablet and Smartphone.