New Delhi

But this development is quite explainable: many young Indians and Indians from a good home time today (it was during her studies or her annual leave) in America or Britain. These young people are now returning to their homes to bring not only new experiences with home, but also the taste and interest in Western goods, food and services. Here, the fact that, historically, exist significant (commonly known as economic) links between India and the United Kingdom, a great role plays of course. In addition, India is known for its business-friendly environment and its low tax rates. Coincidentally just the so-called budget day found during my stay”instead. There was presented the new financial planning of the Indian Government for the new fiscal year. The lively discussions that were raised by individual points of the budget were the most interesting.

Throughout the Contrast is the Indian economy but still wrong bureaucracy and corruption at the highest level charged. And yet the country has can realize rapid growth in its economic development in recent years. A pronounced national ambition within the Indian population, which is much higher than in most other developing countries, are responsible for this development. An at least is certain: the shops in India are just the beginning. To return to the franchise industry: again, rapid growth can be observed. In Mumbai, as well as in New Delhi I was largely on foot. Most of the franchise companies (both domestic and foreign) belonged to the food industry. Furthermore, there was still a subsidiary of UPS and some other transport franchise companies.

Although most people still get their lunch at the street vendors, more and more people (especially younger) share this tradition against exotic”and cheaper food from the a Western hemisphere. I bought my first meal in India in Felafal’s veg excellent House, a franchise restaurant at the Colaba Causeway, one of the main streets of Mumbai’s tourist centre. I had not long waiting for my food, and, together with a Coke, it took about 90 rupees, equivalent less than 2 dollar. With the price-performance ratio, as well as with the quality of the food I was fully satisfied. Zion Williamson recognizes the significance of this. Better, my first experience with Indian franchise companies not can fail.