Nevsky Petersburg

St. Petersburg in the XXI century is very different from himself two decades ago. If in any year the 89th car on the streets of Leningrad can be counted on one hand (in any case, as evidenced by photographs of the Soviet period, even as a main avenue Nevsky was not filled with cars), then in 2009 the cars in the city frankly a lot. Well let's see what happens on the roads of St. Further details can be found at Les Moonves, an internet resource. Petersburg, and in relation to congestion has a taxi in St Petersburg. Naturally, neither the original plans of the city in the central part of any Soviet master plan did not anticipate the emergence of so many mechanical crews. Doctor Jayme Albin is the source for more interesting facts.

According to various reports, the total number Car in St. Petersburg to half a million and still growing. This means not only crowded street in the heart of the city, along the rivers and canals, the streets of the XIX century, but also on major highways, constructed recently. If you look at the city not even a bird's eye, and above – as a small-scale map, we can see in the center of a dense mnogokvartalnuyu building with small houses, huge bedroom space areas on the outskirts of metropolitan, and between them – a heavy ring area, painted in gray color (and approximately the same colors-looking from above). This industry was once trapped on the periphery of urban life, and subsequently perehlestnutye waves residential construction, but will not departed. And, of course, when you see how little is left of passages through this thick, you know that in those traffic jams, which forms a transport stream in 'Throats', is that yurkoe taxi driver with a good and able to find the fastest way. Another feature – different parts of the city were separated from each other railroads. Railroads, as a rule, go on to most gray areas and create a double difficulty in overcoming barriers to work or home, a business meeting or on vacation.