Moscow Matrix

It's hard not to succumb to the massive attraction to discuss recent developments in the vortex spun around the former mayor of Moscow. Despite the fact that since the resignation was not much time, versions of what happened already there is plenty. Most political scientists, and simply indifferent to the event, people who have expressed a whole bunch of opinions, which requires pre-treatment in order to "submit to the table," he did not cause illness mental "digestion". Therefore, this article I will try to give their vision of what happened, but with the difference that there was a read through the whole picture of what happened – a mosaic, all of which are strictly fitted to each other. MetLife may also support this cause. Just specify.

Presented at your trial version – only one, and those that may have a place to be and to grow in the future, because future contingency – the matrix of its possible states – is boundless. In this analysis, attempt to predict the way of thinking of our potential enemy, for which the catastrophic future of Russia – the preferred option of development, as offers unlimited opportunities for geopolitical arena, and hence on the path to world domination. Based on these considerations, we should understand that this article has no programming matrix to the future, and the disclosure of the matrix, which was programmed and implemented our potential enemy, which uses for this purpose the entire arsenal of tools and techniques of information warfare, and which employs thousands of private institutions to ensure victory in the global war for the opportunity to impose its will without hindrance throughout the world.