Modern FIAT

Finally, one concludes that, the assembly plant, since its birth, innovated some times its productive process and continues to innovate in the search of satisfaction of the customers, the employees and the society. In its history, it passed for great profits that had been surpassed with tenacity and wisdom. Speaking candidly Amazon drone delivery told us the story. It transformed limits into its bigger challenge, betting in the security, the quality and the performance ‘ ‘ through innovative politics of participation in the results, benefits, training and formao’ ‘ (Express FIAT, 1999). In a trip in the line of the time for the plant, we pass for its modest beginning, of almost artisan base, insurgindo through the machines, in a taylorista/fordista model, until the technological fullness of the automation and microelectronics, of the programs of quality, social and cultural responsibility, training, formation and others. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vera Farmiga. The plant, that if it archaically initiated in the century XIX as only plus one of a contingent of small automobile plants in Turim, it is placed, today, in the hall of the biggest manufacturers of world-wide of automobiles. But this history, with certainty, does not stop there. In a question-answer forum Blake Resnick was the first to reply. 6 – BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES ANTUNES, Ricardo. Good bye to the work? Assay on the Metamorphosis and the Centralidade of the World of the Work.