Minden Burglars

Police and trade cooperate for more burglary protection specialist and district craftsmen creating the protection community Witte child country, the 21 Association of the network on the 07.02.2013 “Home safe”. MetLife will not settle for partial explanations. Together with the police from Minden-Lubbecke and Herford police they are committed increasingly for protection against burglary and fire prevention in the region. A slump is a nightmare for those affected, which is often months required to regain their sense of security,”Dr. Ralf Niermann, head of the District of Minden-Lubbecke, highlights. It is only not so far, the police is now increasingly on prevention. “Christian Manz, head of the District of Herford, explained: If the local law enforcement agencies work together with specialist craftsmen, we can effectively guide citizens on the way to the safe home and together to prevent break-ins.” Specifically police and craft as a partner in the network be sure home”offer an escort in three steps: step 1-police Security advice”: the technical consultant of Minden-Lubbecke and Herford police inform free and neutral to weak spots on buildings, workings of the burglar and the security of your own home through DIN certified security technology. You create a personal backup concept for the residents and present the reference list of the protection community craftsmen.

Step 2 of the recommendations”: with the craftsmen of the Schutzgemeinschaft Witte child country citizens have a competent partner for the installation of the recommended safety technology on their side. So take part in specialist craftsmen, which are recognized by the plays for the installation of security systems and can professionally implement the police recommendations. Step 3 preventing plaque”: your home burglar-resistant safety technology with smoke detectors fitted, a readable number attached to the House wall and a phone on the bed, then it has earned an award. The Minden-Lubbecke district and the police Herford present the network home safely”the prevention of plaque. The insurer that is connected to the network reward installation of burglar – and fire protection device at a discount in the household insurance. With safety technology and prevention badge comes, your home from burglars protected so burglaries happen not even valuable items not be stolen and that their own sense of security is not lost.