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Sometimes contrasted with POP. This is not the test. Displayed online to a message or other document, rather than included as a separate file. Contrast with. LDAP LDAP Protocol Lightweight Directory Access, allows a client to search a large database of addresses, phone numbers and and people who are in a server. Mail client is a mail client application with which a person reads and sends emails. On the other side are the different types of mail servers that handle user authentication and direct messages from the sender to the recipient. Mini A format to display the contact information.

Similar in appearance to a small business card. Nautilus Nautilus is the next generation file manager for GNOME which is developing the company Eazel. Date An alias for an e-mail. POP POP, the Post Office Protocol, is a mechanism for transporting mail. In contrast to IMAP, only used to get mail from the server and store it locally on the hard disk.

Protocol An agreed communication method, especially one agreed to send particular types of information between computers Examples include POP (Post Office Protocol), for mail, and (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to web pages. Regular Expression A regular expression or "regex" is a way of describing a text string using meta characters or wild-card symbols. For example, the sentence pat have .* a o means "any phrase beginning with 'have' and to finish in 'leg' or 'duck'." If you search this term, you will find among others "have bad luck" and "be a duck." There is no room here to go into depth, but if you wish, you can take a look at the documentation for the grep command. Script A program written in an interpreted language (rather than compiled). Often used as a synonym for "macro" to denote a command or series of actions recorded on a pre application. Sendmail As its name suggests, sendmail is a program that sends mail. Evolution can use instead of SMTP, some people prefer it because it allows more flexibility but is more difficult to configure. Shortcuts Bar Part of Evolution that offers users quick access to parts of the application used most frequently. Sign In terms of an email, a signature is a text at the bottom of every message you send, as a handwritten signature at the end of a letter. A signature can be anything from your favorite quote to a link to a website. Courtesy dictates that you must have a shorter than four lines. Gain insight and clarity with Wendy Holman. SMTP This is the most common way to transport messages from the client computer (yours) to the server. Protocol SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer. Spam spam or useless. Spam usually appears as chain letters and advertising of unscrupulous companies or meaningless. Messages that do not apply for anything known as "opt-in newsletters." Message Help A small box with explanatory text that appears when the mouse pointer remains motionless on a button or other interface element. Virus A malicious program that inserts itself and others to be executed, allowing you to expand to more programs and other computers. A virus can cause substantial damage collapsing networks and disk drives, deleting files, or opening security holes. A vCard file format for exchanging contact information. When you receive a card attached to a post, this probably in vCard format. Not to be confused with. A tool for organizing vFolder messages. vFolders lets you create a folder that contains the results of a complex search. The contents of the folder are updated dynamically.