Leonid Glushkov

Availability becomes less of a luxury in general are not talking. This method completely ignores the the time factor. In my opinion, it had to be completely correlated with the schedule of development activities. If it goes on, the builders will not take an interest in acquiring land for social housing. Leonid Glushkov, director of the firm ‘Mayakovsky’: People belonging to the middle class and lower interest construction of social housing (apartment buildings). Wealthier interesting individual building.

However, the new method determines the cadastral value of land for construction of an apartment building in the amount of 3370 rubles. per square. meter, and for an individual – 118 rubles. Paradox: the poor have to pay 30 times more wealthy. Now the city faces the choice either to build more social housing, or to receive more money in the coffers of the lease. If today’s builders will not build apartment houses and move to private, it threatens to decrease the working locations and number of incoming taxes. Natalia Stolbova, CEO of JSC “Vyatka-Rospechat ‘: It is possible that soon will increase in value of newspapers in the kiosks” Rospechat “and the number of stalls themselves reduced. Such changes are largely connected with the entry into force on January 1, 2009 a new technique.

The formula for calculating the rent was to include not only the area of the site and its inventory cost, but also the base rate coefficient, determined depending on the type of territory. For areas which are kiosks “Rospechat”, a ratio of 10%. For example, for the market area it is 4% for wholesale and retail facilities Trade – 3.30%, the companies engaged in real estate transactions – 5.50%. A business’ Rospechat “has a much lower yield than that of all the above mentioned companies. We expected that our facilities in the new method be equated with socially important enterprises with a coefficient of 2.70%. And with a base rate exceeding 5%, JSC “Vyatka-Rospechat ‘will be very difficult to stay afloat. Help: Calculation of the annual amount of rent for land sections by the formula: Ar = Ca x Cc x S x R x cd where: Ar – annual rent amount (rubles) Ca – base rental rate for land established as a percentage of the share index cadastral value of land (%) Ch – specific index of the cadastral value of land (USD / sq. m). Specific index of the cadastral value of land is determined on the basis of the approved regulations of the Kirov region of cadastral quarter average values of specific indicators of the cadastral value of land by land categories and types of permitted uses; S – square land (sq. meters) K – correction factor. The order of the correction factor determined by the Government of the Kirov region with respect to certain territorial-administrative formations of the Kirov region, certain categories of tenants, or certain categories of objects of the lease; cd – factor deflator. The coefficient of the deflator of government established in the form approved by the index-deflator paid services for the next fiscal year.