Leadership Qualities

Sometimes combine a number of factors almost inexplicable way as the photographer whose lens captures the precise moment in which an eagle, fast and accurate, capture its elusive and frightened prey in the desert. Morgan Stanley helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Luck, right? Only in appearance because the photographer was there in that single moment, and was also prepared, with a camera in good condition, equipped with a fully charged battery and the available memory space. It also obturo at the exact moment and did as indicated by his experience of several years in the profession. A good opportunity, true, was presented with but could having lost of not being prepared. We are going to conclude then in luck if it exists, but it favors to whom more is working to create new opportunities and when they then loom is prepared (well-prepared, of course) to take advantage of them. The favor of the lucky leans towards one side and another unexpectedly but nobody will go unnoticed that almost always favors to who invests more time and greater efforts to the pursuit of the objectives. The more plans to a leader, the more you prepare, you closer will be get the long-awaited nod of good luck. More high are their ideals, and more encouragement and stimulus will give to its people, the greater the harvest of hits throughout his career.

While most insist and do so with courage and obstinacy, closer will be the goal. Definitely should point him to the top of the mountain and then climb wisely and according to the established plan. Otherwise you will never arrive anywhere. Human beings have the habit of searching and finding culprits when the adeversidad is noted. When this happens, when someone is face to face with mediocre results, with all the self-confidence of the world, blame on his alleged bad luck. And so the time goes and writes the story: while some lose the time, poor defeat to bad luck, others reap its good results on the basis of what others call Good luck. And in fact there are so many coincidences in your favor that can be described as a consummate lucky.

But let us not forget what he said Anatole France: chance is the pseudonym used by God when you don’t want to sign. And if we talk about that beautiful sport is football tell a promontory can deflect the ball and send it to the back of the net. That, in truth, is matter of luck. But in this case the luck has a prerequisite and this is find the opposite frame. If the rival area is not depressed there is no promontory that’s worth. And the ball never goes to the back of the net or you can enjoy the sweet taste of victory. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and others academic events.